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Jayne Malenfant

I've commissioned a few pieces from Jane, including a poster for a recent even that exceeded my expectations! Would definitely recommend and Jane is super flexible for any needs for personal or professional commissions, if you're looking for something unique.

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Candice Grosenick

Jane is an incredibly versatile and prolific artist who is also very approachable and easy to work with concerning commissions. Her creativity continues to impress me and her skills have been honed to precision over years of extremely dedicated production. Jane is a fearless and ever evolving artist. I'm always excited to see what shes working on by following her social media for a more intimate glimpse into her creative process. Her work speaks to me on so many levels and I cannot recommend her enough.

Lenore Maier

I commissioned Jane to design the cover artwork for an album i released in January, 2020. Jane was very professional and reliable and her creative ability exceeded the expectations I had. The final product is one that I am incredibly happy with, and I look forward to working with her again. 

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Carole Judy

Jane's art is diverse. It is her heart and soul. It is a braveness and a rawness. It is fear and strength. It is all the emotions and all the experiences. It is sorrow and joy. It is the heart and, it is beautiful. It is hope. It is growth. It is pain. It is sweet and playful and fun. It is smart. It is love. It is all the things that Jane is..

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Alexa Jones

Must see Saskatoon artist! Getting to see Jane's artwork is much like hearing her secrets. She puts so much of herself into her work in a very intimate and expressive way. There is no limitation between her creativity and her technical and natural talent. Her works are seamless transferred from mind to page.


It [Jane's art] has all

the creepy vibes I loved

as a teen but also the

softness I crave as an

adult, a rare and 

satisfying balance! 

Thank you for