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Charms & Invocations

An ethereal, dream-like film set in nature, starring two forces striving for balance. Alchemy, astral and alluring.

Conjuring, cosmos and captivating.

Feminine, floral and fierce.

Power, pixelation and plants.

This film was shot on Super 8, it was not edited, all effects are created in camera.


Film and soundtrack by Jane Reväe McWhirter.

Starring Eva McWhirter & Brianne Hollingsworth.


The first super 8 directed and filmed by Jane Reväe McWhirter featuring Eva McWhirter,  It was later scanned and edited digitally.


We wanted to create something that was both captivating, haunting, beautiful and magical. Inspired by the works of Maya Deren with elements of old movie magic.

The song was Jane's first attempt at creating music. She sampled several sounds/songs and recorded her own sound effects. Then manipulated them digitally. Featuring the song "Me and my Shadow" by Judy Garland.


I do not own any copyright to the songs I sampled.