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When I heard about the One take Super 8 film event I was interested in signing up but unsure of what I would make. I had recently witnessed the work of Maya Derren (Meshes of the Afternoon) and was enchanted but her witchy camera manipulation, use of old movie magic and the emotion that overpowered her work. I knew I wanted to make something haunting, beautiful and magical. When asking my sister if she would be interested in joining me to make a film, she replied only if we do something witchy, we were on the same page. So we signed up for a workshop, rented a camera, and started to film.

Salomé is a strong woman, she may have been disrupted many times, but she is striving to overcome, regain her power and move forward. In the past, powerful women have been demonized, categorized as witches, suppressed, tortured and controlled. Witches are not evil, nor vengeful, as they are traditionally portrayed. A witch is a woman in her power, in touch with herself, the earth, and the universe.

I created the song before I saw the film, it was my first attempt at creating music. I sampled several sounds/songs and recorded her own sound effects, then manipulated them digitally. Featuring clips from the song "Me and my Shadow" by Judy Garland. I am so happy with how it pairs with the visuals.