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Charms & Invocations

A year after shooting Salomé (my first film), I was so excited to film another super 8. This time I thought I would focus on something less haunting, and more ethereal (I mean of course it was going to be a bit spooky seeing as I made it haha). I was playing a lot with the concept of two halves. The magic that exists between two people, but also the different aspects within ourselves. The figures in this film represent two forces striving for balance. Using my knowledge from creating Salomé I was excited to see what I could make and I have to say I was brought to tears when I saw this film. I had once again created the song without seeing the film and could not believe how perfectly the two paired up. Please let me know what you think. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more film to create another film.

*this video was not edited or digitally manipulated in any way all the content was filmed exactly as it appears.