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Digital Download Print License

Please read before purchasing a digital download

This license allows you the right to print one copy of the purchased print. If you would like to print more, please inquire with me and we can figure out a reduced price.


As an independent artist it is hard to list and sell your creative property online without sites gouging most of the profits (no lie some sites give the artist less than 10%) or having people downloading and printing many copies of a work.


 I am trusting that those willing to pay for my work will respect the guidelines and print one copy of the image they have purchased. I sincerely appreciate the support and thank you so much for purchasing this work!


This download is high print ready quality (300 dpi). It is sized for 8.5” x 11, however if you are interested in printing larger please inquire, I would happily resize the image so you can print  it larger at no extra charge.

My recommendations for printing: 

Most cities have a local print shop with high quality printers and a variety of paper you can choose from based on preference. I like using them because it’s great to support small businesses, also I like to see and touch the paper types in person. Large chain printers, like staples, will have less selection in terms of nice papers, but they will be able to provide a good quality print..

You can access the file by email and download it onto a thumb drive to take into the printer. Some print shops accept submissions via email as well.


Thank you. Your patronage is very valuable to me


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